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This Is Why 
From a trillion galaxies, having trillions of stars, and billions of trillions of planets, a particular ice covered planet-size rock (Earth) began to be pulled closer to the sun's solar system. A huge Volcano erupts on the planet bringing the morning light to the planet. Above the lava filled mouth of the immense volcano, lightning, thunders, and great hailstones are created. Water began flowing, from which vapors rise.  An atmosphere with clouds and rain is created. The Earth, being pulled into an ideal orbit around the sun, brings forth the first primitive life forms, which continually evolved into plants, animals, and the human specie.

The world continually evolved from an ice covered planet-sized rock into a garden of paradise and on. This happened because plant life and flowing rivers became more and more nourishing to the creatures that ate and drank of them. As the animals ate and drank the enriched food and water, they became less violent and lived longer. The plants and drinking waters were continually being enriched. Therefore, as time progressed, at some point when future generations of animals ate and drank from the continually enriched plants and waters, the gene that caused plants and animals to think and do wickedly and to think and do lustfully became dormant. Also, certain vegetation combined with the purest and enriched drinking waters gave eternal life to future generations of humans and animals who ate and drank of them. Accordingly, the gene that made humans and animals grow old had been turned off. Since humans and animals could no longer think or do wickedly or lust, there was no desire to procreate or to kill and eat flesh.

Presently, all animals and perfect humans are living harmoniously and completely natural in the garden of paradise of the real world, where there are no man-made products or any belief in a God. They are unable to have lustful or wicked thoughts or actions. Though, there exists a plant that has the ability to gradually awaken in humans the desire to think and do wickedly and to think and do lustfully. All perfect humans use telepathy of vision without words to communicate with each other. Each human female twin is telepathically connected to her human male twin, while all the human males are telepathically connected to each other like links in a chain. The male and female twins are born from the same mother having a direct telepathic connection to each other and having the memory of their lineage/past lives. 

As centuries passed, a certain female twin (being as a female Lucifer) living in the garden of paradise had noticed a serpent eating a particular fruit, which these perfect humans (being referred to as angels) knew they were not to eat of that particular fruit. This particular perfect female (being referred to as a female Lucifer) liked the look of the fruit and decided to eat it as the serpent had done. Also she gave the fruit to her male perfect twin partner (being referred to as a male Lucifer), who also ate of the forbidden fruit. However, this particular fruit had the ability to awaken part of the dormant DNA in perfect humans (angels) that gives them the ability to also think and act lustfully and wickedly.
After the male Lucifer and female Lucifer ate of the fruit that gradually awakens all sorts of desires in perfect humans, they began to telepathically transmit visions of a subtle different type. A male twin and female twin (being Michael/male and Gabriel/female) were among the first perfect humans to  telepathically receive these new strange subtle thoughts of lust and wickedness from the male Lucifer and female Lucifer. Thereafter, Michael transmitted telepathically these new thoughts to the next closest linked pair of angels, who also transmitted these thoughts on to the next pair and so on throughout two thirds of angelic tribes, beginning from Michael and Gabriel. From the male Lucifer and female Lucifer were  transmitted telepathically their new subtle thoughts of lust and evil to one third of angelic tribes, that are telepathically chain linked together from the male Lucifer. 
From the male Lucifer's and female Lucifer's subtle lustful and subtle wicked transmitted thoughts, it awakened the wisdom in Michael and Gabriel. Once this wisdom matured through their dreams, Michael and Gabriel had the realization that their perfect real world and every thing in it was in jeopardy. Wisdom knew that the only way for their world to remain a perfect paradise, the slowly maturing thoughts of lust and wickedness had to be removed from the real world. From that time, Michael no longer telepathically transmitted the subtle lustful and subtle wicked thoughts to the two thirds of the angelic tribes, which are telepathically linked consecutively to the mind of Michael. However, the other one third of the tribes of angels continually received the telepathic thoughts passed from the male Lucifer. Michael and Gabriel had to dream a world to reveal what would happen over time if wicked and good thoughts and actions co-existed in the real world. After dreaming many scenarios of a world of good and evil, Michael (but Gabriel more so) had acquired greater wisdom.
Michael (being assisted by his perfect twin female mate Gabriel who had the greater wisdom) dreamed the final replay of the dreamed world, which incorporates all necessary edits in the final replay of the dreamed world. Thereby during the dreamed judgment, the righteous angels and rebellious angels can know with which group of people in the dreamed world they are represented. In the final replay of our dreamed world, our world was recreated in six days. In six of our days and six of our nights, all things that existed in Genesis concerning the Earth and universe were recalled from the memory of Michael and Gabriel. However, when Michael (assisted by Gabriel) dreams one day of daylight and night in the real world, this one day is equal to a thousand of our years in this dream world. Accordingly, after six thousand of our years, Michael will have been dreaming for six days to create all events happening in the universe and our world during this final replay. Thereafter Michael will dream on the seventh day of the real world the scenario that takes place during the judgment. This seventh day equals 1,000 of our years plus 100 years of the time of this seventh day's even/dusk. During these 1,100 years of the judgment, all events will be revealed that happened in every generation of our world, the end of the world, the new world, plus what will have happened during the judgment time. For the initial 1,000 years of the dreamed judgment, Michael and Gabriel will reveal telepathically to all angels and to the righteous and rebellious people the ways of a world where good and evil exist. During the final 100 years of the dreamed judgment, all events that happened in the last generation, new Earth, and the judgment time will be revealed.
In the real world, perfect humans (angels) live forever and are as super humans having total control of their incredibly developed intellect. Michael and Gabriel also have the natural ability to vividly remember everything and recount every little detail without error.

The beginning of the final replay of our world is written in the initial chapters of the Bible's Book of Genesis. It states that Elohiym (Michael and Gabriel) created the beginning of our re-dreamed world in six of our days. The Garden of Eden was re-dreamed into existence according to the image and likeness of how the garden of paradise looks in the real world. The Bible states the human male Michael and female Gabriel said “Let us make mankind in our image after our likeness.” Adam and Eve were created in Eden to reveal the scenario of what happened in the real world when the female Lucifer (image and likeness of Eve) and male Lucifer (image and likeness of Adam) ate of a certain forbidden fruit. Adam and Eve reveal how people look and live in the garden of paradise, where they are not aware of being naked, living naturally and harmoniously with their environment, where Lambs live safely (without the perception of fear) with lions. As stated in the Book of Genesis (based on the King James Version/ KJV), in this final replay of our world's events Gods/Elohiym (Michael and Gabriel) commanded Adam and Eve to “replenish” the Earth, just as Adam and Eve had repopulated the Earth with their offspring in the previous replay of their generation.

Elohiym's (Michael's and Gabriel's) mind creates scenarios in our dreamed world whereby a person’s role can be determined to be either of the faithful angels or the rebellious angels. The first insight to what took place in the real world is realized when Elohiym warned Adam and Eve to not take and eat from the tree which had the ripened fruit of good and evil. A snake in the tree was eating this fruit in the sight of Adam and Eve. Subliminally, the serpent was saying to Adam and Eve as it ate the forbidden fruit “you will not die if you eat this forbidden fruit but gain the knowledge of good and evil.” Accordingly, they were seduced by the snake’s actions. Eve took the initiative as she walked to the tree, took the desirable looking fruit, and ate of the forbidden fruit and also gave the fruit to her willing husband. Immediately they knew they were naked. This reveals how in the real world the male Lucifer and female Lucifer realized for the first time that they were naked after eating from a certain forbidden fruit.

In this final replay of our world's beginning as written in the Book of Genesis, Michael and Gabriel caused Eden’s mount to erupt and destroy all plant life in Eden so that Adam and Eve could not eat from the tree of life and live forever.  Accordingly, the dreamed Eden reveals to us living in the dreamed world that eternal life exists in the real world. The dreamed Garden of Eden’s vegetation and nourishing river of life, with many other trees and plants, were destroyed by ash raining down and the intense heat of lava, as lava flowed down through to the Garden’s four divided rivers. From the time of Eden’s destruction, Adam and Eve gave birth to offspring who had the inclination and desire to do good and evil. As Adam and Eve had offspring, it is equated with the real world where the thoughts of the male Lucifer and female Lucifer were telepathically passed to all angels. In our world, Adam and Eve's offspring inherited the evil and good desires. This set the stage for a world where people are born with the tendencies to do both good and evil, and to live for a genetically determined amount of years. All people live to play roles in this dreamed world, where people can say and do things in secret, and where pride, hatred, competition, and selfishness for ones own flourishes.

Every faithful angel (receiving telepathically from the thoughts of Michael and Gabriel) and every rebellious angel (receiving telepathically from the thoughts of the male Lucifer and female Lucifer) are represented by people who play a righteous or rebellious part in our world. They become righteous or rebellious by their attitude to the new message of a true messenger. Elohiym's (Michael's and Gabriel's) dreamed world creates scenarios to reveal who in the dreamed world is equated with a faithful angel or rebellious angel in the real world. One scenario shows Cain rejecting the advice of Elohiym to instead offer a strange offering. His feelings were hurt after being rebuked by Elohiym because of his offering. Then, Abel gave his older brother Cain advice pertaining to the rebuke, which he did not want to hear. This angered Cain to the point where he killed his brother and attempted to conceal his actions. The male Lucifer was represented by Cain, and Michael was represented by Abel. However, the female Lucifer is like minded with the male Lucifer, just as the mind of Gabriel is as one with Michael’s mind.

After Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the forbidden tree, it meant our world of good and evil would be male dominated. Accordingly, Elohiym generally chooses a male prophet (messenger) who may also represent the female Gabriel because of the situation regarding the dominance of the human male over their female counterparts. In our day, latter day Moses’ message is the only means that determines whether a person is righteous or rebellious. Thereby being equated with a faithful angel or rebellious angel. This was also the case of patriarchs and prophets of past generations who represented Michael or Gabriel. In the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot represented Gabriel, while Abraham represented Michael. A throng of Sodom’s people were surrounding Lot’s house in an attempt to take the two handsome male strangers, whom Michael and Gabriel instantly created temporarily in our dreamed world. They had arrived at Sodom and were taking refuge in Lot’s house. The two male strangers represented Michael and Gabriel, whereas the throng outside the house represented the rebellious angels. Lot was warned by the two handsome strangers to flee the doomed city with any person he could convince to leave. Every person that Lot could convince to forsake the city before its destruction would be equated with a faithful angel.

Only the last message, which is revealed by latter-day Moses, can gather the latter day living people who are equated with righteous angels in the real world. Also, this message reveals how the people who end up slain in the final battle of Armageddon had rejected this message. Accordingly this dream world's rebellious people represent the rebellious angels in the real world who inherited the ways of the male Lucifer and female Lucifer. Every person who believed and stayed faithful to the words of a past living prophet of Elohiym, their minds are in the same people living today who also will believe and stay faithful to the message of latter day Moses in this last generation. 

Anything is possible in the world dreamed by Elohiym (Michael and Gabriel). Moses’ staff became a serpent in front of Pharaoh. However, the male Lucifer and female Lucifer had their representative and followers in the dreamed world, whereby Pharaoh’s magicians were able to make their staffs into serpents in front of Moses. Evidently, Pharaoh and many of his people were representing the male Lucifer and female Lucifer and the rebellious angels, whereas Aaron, Moses, and many faithful Israelite people with them represented Michael and Gabriel and the faithful angels. Elohiym allowed Moses to perform many miracles to bring a nation of people out of Egypt. Initially, all of these people believed Moses’ message to flee Egypt and travel to a land and inherit it as promised to them by Elohiym.

On the long journey to the promised land of Canaan, Elohiym's message concerning the Israelites inheriting the land of Canaan created scenarios whereby a division would materialize between Moses with the faithful people (who were proven to still believe in his message regarding the faithful Israelites receiving the promised land) and the opposing leaders with their like minded rebels. These leaders and their rebels no longer believed Moses could deliver them the promised land. This division revealed that the rebellious people in the dreamed world represented the rebellious angels in the real world. To fulfill Elohiym's promise as revealed through Moses, Elohiym gave the following generation of Israelite people the ability to war and drive out nations from the promised land of Canaan. This is equated with the time when faithful angels will remain in the promised land of the real world after the rebellious angels no longer live in the paradise of the real world.

To fulfill Elohiym’s (Michael's and Gabriel's) plan, Moses and Joshua received in the dreamed world the ability to perform many miracles in the sight of people. Joshua was able to command the sun to remain still in the sky (being an impossible act in a real world) so that they could finish their removal of Canaanites with the extra time of sunlight. These miracles were necessary to establish an Israelite people in their own land to live by Elohiym's laws. The promised land reveals how faithful believers that followed the new message of a living messenger inherit a new Earth. Also the Israelite nation would preserve historic and prophetic writings that would survive to the last generation of the dreamed world. The Israelites’ historic lineage, laws, and the promised land established by Elohiym were a reflection of the good knowledge which the righteous angels receive from Michael and Gabriel, just as righteous people become righteous by believing in michael and Gabriel's living messenger's message.

For Israel’s own good and prosperity in the promised land, the nation was commanded to continually remember, follow, and preserve their written laws and history, which pertained to its lineage from the time of the dreamed world’s creation (as stated in the initial chapters of the Book of Genesis) through to its occupation of the promised land of Canaan. However, in the following generations of Israelites that lived in the promised land, many among the Israelite people rejected new laws and direction given through Elohiym's living prophets. Instead, the people wanted a king/leader to rule over them. The appointed king and his advisers would then rule over the whole nation. Eventually, the king, his princes, and false prophets would influence and corrupt the temple's high priest, priests, elders. The false prophets generally interpreted God’s will in favor of whatever the king and his advisers wanted to accomplish. Accordingly, the people accepted and fulfilled the king’s demands, which carried the corrupt high priest’s, priests, and elders' blessings and the blessings of false prophets.

Since our world was dreamed into existence and allowed to play through to its end and thereafter replayed, it means Elohiym (Michael and Gabriel) knows every event and what people will say and do before anything happens. Hence, there is nothing new under the sun; everything that exists has already existed in the previous replay of each generation. Accordingly, in every replayed generation, Elohiym would send a person in whom was the spirit/mind of Michael or Gabriel to deliver Elohiym’s message to the nation, which usually had nothing good to say about the king and leaders of the people. Elohiym knew that this would create a division, because the king and his advisers would, of their own free human will, always choose to reject the living prophet’s words of warning pertaining to the nation, king, his advisers, and people. Instead the king, his advisers, and people believed the words of false prophets who claimed that God was with them. The following generation of people living in the promised land would embrace the written words of Elohiym’s dead prophets because their words of warning had happened as prophesied, even though their fore fathers had rejected, persecuted, and in many instances killed Elohiym's prophets and the people who believed their words of warning.

The influence of the nation’s religious and political leaders was so great that their nation's people would always accept their words over the warnings of Elohiym’s living prophets. However, a remnant would instead go against the beliefs of mainstream society, including the beliefs of many off shoots, and accept and stay faithful to the message of a living prophet in the face of ridicule and rejection by family, loved ones, friends, and associates. Many of these people endured punishment, imprisonment, and often times death for staying faithful to the words of Elohiym’s living messenger. Thereby, these people revealed that a spirit/mind of a faithful angel dwelt in their mind.

The Isrealite leadership that ruled over the nation always rejected, punished, imprisoned, and usually killed Elohiym's prophets and the people who converted to their message. Thereafter that generation or the following generation met their fate according to the message of Elohiym's prophet. When the words of Elohiym’s prophet happened as predicted, the next Israelite leadership would then accept the dead prophet’s written visions. Accordingly, they would preserve in writings his prophetic words from generation to generation, which also contained prophecies concerning how and when the dreamed world ends.

Elohiym predicted, as spoken by the true prophets, that the nation of Israel in the promised land of Canaan would split into two separate nations, a northern and southern, after King Solomon’s death. Thereafter, Elohiym’s prophets warned that the northern kingdom of Israel would be taken into captivity by the Assyrian army, which happened as predicted. Captivity could have been avoided if the leaders of the northern kingdom of Israel agreed to serve the Assyrian nation, as counseled to the leadership of the northern kingdom by Elohiym's prophets.

Other prophets, in whom was the spirit of Michael or Gabriel, were sent to speak Elohiym’s words to the leaders of the remaining southern kingdom of Judah. These leaders were admonished by Elohiym's prophets to serve King Nebuchadnezzar of old Babylon, as many other nations had done, or rebel and face expulsion from Judea for a number of years. The Judean king and his patriotic advisers chose to reject Elohiym’s counsel and instead rebel against serving the king of Babylon, as counseled by false prophets claiming to have been sent by Elohiym. Accordingly as predicted, the city Jerusalem and her temple were destroyed along with its king. Judah’s population was removed from their land and made to serve in foreign lands of Babylon’s kingdom, just as it happened in a previous replay of that generation.

In the days of old Babylon’s reign over many nations, a prophet of Elohiym revealed that the Medes and Persians would unite to become the next kingdom to rule over the whole realm of old Babylon. Also, Elohiym's prophet predicted that the king of Persia would decree to allow many peoples and nations, which were taken into captivity by the Babylonians, to return to the land of their fathers. Accordingly as predicted, the following generation of Judeans born in Babylonian captivity were permitted to return to the land of Judah and to rebuild Jerusalem and her temple.

Elohiym's  prophet also predicted that Grecia/Greece would reign over the whole kingdom of the Medes and Persians. Then after a certain amount of years, the expanded kingdom of Grecia would be divided into four kingdoms. From the western part of these four kingdoms arose the Roman empire. Elohiym knew the future outcome concerning Jerusalem and Judah before they chose to rebel against serving the Roman empire. After Jerusalem's   rebellion, Rome sent its army to lay siege on the fortified walls of rebellious Jerusalem until the Roman army found a way to enter, ravage, destroy the rebellious city of Jerusalem and her rebuilt temple, and deport the Judean people to serve in foreign lands. This scenario would cause many of the writings pertaining to Elohiym’s prophets to be eventually lost and forgotten, as there would be no Israelite or Judean nation to religiously preserve and copy the prophets’ scrolls as they had been copied from generation to generation. With this hindsight, Elohiym caused Yahshua/Jesus to create a new religion, which would flourish and thereby the Old Testament and New Testament scriptures would be faithfully copied throughout all New Testament generations.

Within Elohiym's (Michael's and Gabriel's) mind is where our world and all events happening in the world and around it are being replayed. As time progressed in our world, there are more people, animals, technology, products, and sophisticated macro and micro items for the mind of Elohiym to continually recreate without error during every replay of our dreamed world. In the latter days of the dreamed world, all its animals, peoples, technology, products, things are being replayed from the memory of Elohiym just as it happened in a previous replay. Therefore, so the desired outcome of the last replay is allowed to happen to its conclusion without Elohiym awakening and hence not completing the dreamed world's end, judgment time, and new Earth, which would happen if miracles were forced by Elohiym to happen in our wold created in Elohiym's subconscious mind. Instead of miracles, a Bible containing Elohiym's written prophecies exists to prepare latter day Moses and his apostles to give the final warnings before the comet's fragments impact the Earth and begin the time of the end.
When a person accepts latter day Moses' message, his or her life is not usually altered until the last week before the meteor's (rock's) impact, since that is when the faithful believers forsake everything to survive death by an impacted rock's effects. In the last generation before the rock's impact, the subconscious part of Elohiym's mind (where this world is recreated) no longer permits magic (miracles) to happen in our dreamed world, as that part of Elohiym's mind has learned to only accept a logical scientific way of how things should take place in the dreamed world. Should Michael and Gabriel try and use their conscious mind to force the subconscious part of their mind to accept miracles whereby they try and consciously communicate via visions or voices with latter day Moses, the subconscious part of Michael's and Gabriel's mind, where this world is dreamed into existence, may wake up causing the dream to prematurely end and remain unfinished. Therefore, a book (Bible) was purposely preserved by Elohiym as the only logical means of preparing latter day Moses and his apostles to give the final warnings concerning the rock's imminent impact and effects. However, after the rock impacts the USA and thereafter lava begins consuming the USA, Elohiym's conscious mind will then have more control over the subconscious part of its mind and can then perform miracles to gather into the fiery ensign a great multitude of people. At that time, everything that existed in the USA no longer needs to be created by Elohiym's memory, except the memory of lava that will have replaced all the previously large and complex memory that was required to meticulously and accurately recreate everything existing and taking place in the USA.

In a previous replay of every generation of our world, Elohiym has seen the effects of a living prophet’s ministry on people who live in future generations and last generation. Accordingly, in one replay of our world, Yahshua/Jesus was conceived in a normal way from the seed of Joseph in the womb of Mary. Also, in that particular replay, Yahshua did not perform miracles, had less apostles and friends, and did not offer eternal salvation. This did not have the desired effect, whereby converts in future generations would feverishly defend and spread their belief in Jesus and salvation, and hence the old and new testament scriptures would be religiously preserved in such a way as to be considered sacred. Elohiym needed the scriptures of prophets to be carefully and accurately interpreted and copied into all languages and be preserved to the last generation to prepare Moses and his apostles before the rock's impact.

Elohiym replayed several times Jesus’ generation until Jesus’ life and ministry had the greatest impact on people living in future generations. Elohiym caused Yahshua/Jesus in a replay of Jesus' generation to be born without Mary being impregnated with the seed of her husband Joseph. During a replay of the Prophet Isaiah’s generation, who lived several hundreds of years before Jesus was born, Elohiym told Isaiah to write that a “virgin” shall conceive a son. When Yahshua/Jesus read what Isaiah had written concerning a virgin giving birth, Jesus thought he was fulfilling the written prophecies of the Old Testament when in fact those writings were history. The acts of Jesus were being written by old testament prophets (who had lived and died hundreds of years before Jesus was born) after the acts had happened in Jesus’ life and ministry and then all generations were replayed over.

During the time of the judgment, dead rebellious people will manifest to be shown from the written record of the scrolls and scroll of life why they are not living a life in the new Earth. These rebellious people had rejected the message of a living messenger and instead chose to follow a different course during their life in the old Earth. There will be many religious people that were not saved because they rejected the message of a living prophet to remain faithful to the words and promises of a former prophet or messiah. However, the message and promises spoken by a living prophet or messiah of Elohiym only apply to the people that lived in the prophet's generation.
Moses' written laws and rituals pertained to the Israelite people only. They were to continue in those laws and rituals until a prophet of Elohiym told them to do differently or gave them a message of warning to also follow. In an Old Testament generation, a living prophet stated that Elohiym no longer cared whether people kept the Sabbath or feast days. Other prophets said the same, and also predicted that old Babylon would burn and destroy the temple, causing the golden Ark of the Testament to be cut in pieces and forever be destroyed. Hundreds of years later, religious leaders and zealots tried to trap Yahshua/Jesus by trying to assert that Jesus must obey Moses' laws, even though the prevailing law in Judah at the time was enforced according to Roman decree. Elohiym caused Jesus to perform many miracles, from healing, creating food, raising the dead (miracles are not possible in a real world) for the sole reason as to preserve Old and New Testament historic and prophetic writings that would exist in the latter day generation. Yahshua's promise of salvation and the redemption of all sins pertained to people living in Yahshua's and the apostles' generation.  Yahshua's and his apostles' and disciples' ministry set the stage for future generations to be converted, whereby they would religiously copy and safely preserve the Old and New Testament writings from generation to generation. Elohiym allowed Jesus to make promises to non believers of things past prophets had not promised: salvation, pardon for all sins committed, eternal life, and his sacrificed life for the redemption of any sinner living only in Yahshua's and his apostles' generation. There are absolutely no promises of salvation and redemption of sin by Yahshua and his apostles and disciples for any person who was not living in their generation. Unfortunately for any Christians believing after the generation of Yahshua/Jesus and his apostles and early disciples, all biblical statements of salvation spoken by Jesus and his apostles and early disciples only apply to people living in their generation of about 2000 years ago. In every generation after the apostles' generation, people became righteous Christians by recognizing and believing Elohiym's new message given by a living messenger. Every person who believed in a true living prophet will be resurrected and will play a prominent part before the throne area during the judgment. These same righteous people will be living forever in a new Earth.
In the last generation, Elohiym reveals their final message from the written prophecies of the Bible to the living messenger. Thereby, the living messenger and his apostles can give the final warnings as written in the Bible before the rock impacts the land. The people that believe the living messenger's message in the latter days will play a part as a righteous person who believes, is resurrected and/or translated to play their part in the judgment, and to play their part in the new Earth. During the judgment, the rebellious angels and righteous angels telepathically viewing what took place in this dreamed world can play their part after the dreamed judgment ends.
All events taking place in our world are being replayed. This is realized when Elohiym revealed to Jesus that before the next sunrise Peter will deny three separate times that he was associated with Jesus. Elohiym accurately knew the future because Peter had done the same thing in a previous replay of Jesus’ generation. Jesus was betrayed by Judas Escariot, arrested by the authorities in the garden of Gethsemane, imprisoned, tried, and found guilty for minor violations of the law. He was also found guilty of the more serious offense of blasphemy, which incurred the death penalty but could not be enforced by the Judean leadership. The Judean leadership instead pressured the Roman governor to have Yahshua/Jesus tried and sentenced to death. He was crucified, died, and then resurrected. Without Jesus’ resurrection and thereafter appearing alive to his apostles and disciples, his converts would have lost their faith, causing the new religion of Christianity to fail. After Jesus appeared to his apostles, it was also necessary for Elohiym to establish the idea of salvation through Jesus' sacrifice by giving the apostles and early disciples the ability to perform miracles. This was necessary to promote salvation through Jesus’ name to make many converts throughout the nations before Rome destroyed Jerusalem and deported the Judean people, which meant that the scriptures would have been lost as time passed. Events are replayed so that a persons former outcome in life can be changed by the vision of a living messenger or messiah. In the latter days, the living messenger's visions of future events will save many people that had perished without salvation in the previous timeline of events.

After Jesus’ apostles and early disciples had established the Christian religion (which was according to Elohiym’s desire to preserve the Old and New Testament scriptures throughout all generations, which today are found in the Bible), miracles were becoming harder to create because the subconscious part of Elohiym's mind was naturally creating a dreamed world that was becoming more and more logical and scientific. Therefore the miracles being introduced by Elohiym's conscious mind were becoming less acceptable to implement into the logical world created within Elohiym's subconscious mind. In the following generations, many nations adopted Christianity and, hence, preserved, translated, and made copies of the Old and New Testament manuscripts. Many of these preserved manuscripts have been translated and compiled in a book called the Bible. Because of Jesus’ miracles, death, resurrection, and promise of salvation in a new world by Jesus’ apostles and early disciples, today there is a Bible written in the language of every nation. Throughout later generations, Elohiym's subconscious mind does not allow any miracles to take place in the world unless they are based on science and logic.

A prophet living in the days of old Babylon revealed how a latter day kingdom, also referred to as latter day spiritual Egypt, would be comprised of many nations admonished by the USA to agree together to fulfill the vision that the USA has for the world's future. This agreeing together of nations according to written prophecy took place during the time when the message of a latter day then living prophet (being referred to as latter day Elijah who had the spirit of Michael dwelling in his mind) prepared the way for latter day Elisha/Moses to thereafter reveal Elohiym’s written prophecies in the Bible.

The prophet who lived in the days of old Babylon’s reign revealed in his writings that the kingdom of latter day spiritual Egypt comes to an end. Thereafter, the next latter day kingdom that reigns is called latter day Babylon, which rose up to rule over the nations. This latter day Babylonian kingdom refers to the USA rising up to form a union of nations that agrees to unite three separate times before latter day Babylon comes to its end. The union of nations agrees to enforce the USA's vision for the world on certain non-conforming nations. Any nation that refuses to comply with the USA's vision that it prophesies for the world's future will be hit with economic sanctions and/or military intervention. When the union of nations agrees to enforce the USA's vision for the world on non-conforming nations, it is then ruling as the latter day seven headed ten horned beast of confusion/Babylon. The USA's vision for the world's future is contrary to the message of the latter day messenger, who reveals that the world will soon reply its fated end. The Bible's prophecies foretell of latter day Babylon’s and the world’s imminent demise. Latter day Elisha’s/Moses’ message is derived from his interpretation of the scrolls written by Elohiym’s former prophets. These particular scrolls have been copied from generation to generation, of which are translated and compiled in the book called the Bible. Latter day Moses' message causes a division among the people, whereby some people will believe and stay faithful to his message while the minds of the majority are held captive by the general ways and traditions of society.

Old Moses caused an Exodus of people to flee Egypt to inherit their own land because they believed in the signs and words that he was performing and speaking. Latter day Moses will bring out of latter day spiritual Egypt people who accept his message concerning the end of this world, whereby they will inherit a new world. The end of this world will happen again as predicted by the written prophecies in the Bible, which can only be correctly interpreted by latter day Lot/Moses. His interpretation states that latter day Sodom/Babylon will begin being destroyed by impacting fragments of a comet. According to the written time prophecies in the Bible, it will take place at the end of latter day Babylon's third reigning period. In that year, a particular rock will impact the USA causing a massive earthquake. This great earthquake triggers a super volcano (part of which lies beneath Yellowstone National Park) to erupt, as well as many other volcanoes. For five months, ash, smoke, and debris will be ejected into the atmosphere. This will plunge the USA into darkness; hence, the light of the sun by day and moon and stars by night will have been, as it were, blotted out. Fiery meteors streaking through the darkness over the USA will seem as if the stars of heaven are falling on the land. With no sunlight, all vegetation will perish. Famine and anarchy will prevail in the USA.

During the initial five months of billowing smoke and ash into the atmosphere over the USA, there will be people who had fled the USA before the rock's impact. They fled the USA because they placed this message upon the front of their mind/forehead, as directed by latter day Lot’s/Moses' written warnings before the rock's impact. They will be proclaiming their message to other nations during the initial five months after the rock's impact. At that time, the people living in these nations will hear the message concerning how the USA is being plagued by the impacted rock's effects and how lava will erupt at the end of five months from the super volcano in the USA, which thereafter will begin to consume the world. Before a lake of lava flows out of the USA to consume all oceans, countries, and islands of the world. All people who accepted the messages of warning in their mind/forehead during the five months will forsake their loved ones, possessions, and nation to travel to the bright white light emanating from the super volcano's huge opened mouth, referred to as the opened temple within New Jerusalem. When these faithful people enter the light emanating from New Jerusalem (fallen USA), they will then take their place before the fiery judgment throne as the judgment begins. These faithful people will then be equated with the faithful angels in the garden of paradise of the real world. All the rebellious people that will have rejected the messages of warning  chose to instead remain with their loved ones and possessions in their land in the hope of surviving will have perished, as the entire world will be dissolved in a lake of flowing lava. All rebellious people that had lived in every generation will manifest outside New Jerusalem to view the judgment taking place. These rebellious people will then be equated with the rebellious angels in the real world.

After the entire dreamed world is covered in an sea of lava, the dreamed judgment will begin. What this means is, Michael and Gabriel will then reveal telepathically all events that took place in this world to all the angels living in the garden of paradise of the real world. It is the place where the faithful perfect humans and rebellious perfect humans live in the real world. For 1,100 years, Michael and Gabriel will remember and reveal, just as many books are opened to recount their stories, all events that took place in each generation of this dreamed world. In that time, their memories will reveal the events that happened in a world of good and evil to all angels living in the garden of paradise of the real world. They will telepathically reveal how in every generation of a dreamed world where good and evil existed, there were people suffering from poverty, illness, famine, wars, deformity,victims of crime, depression, suicide, hatred, and painful deaths, etc, while at the same time others were surrounding themselves with excessive possessions of wealth, comfort, lust, greed, selfishness, and immorality.

Michael and Gabriel will also reveal how they created a flood of waters to rain down and drown all of mankind, except the faithful few people and animals who were saved in a boat by believing Elohiym’s words of warning. After these visions are revealed to the faithful angels and rebellious angels, all of them will view the resurrected rebellious people and righteous people around the dreamed judgment throne scenario agreeing on bent knees that Michael and Gabriel are righteous/correct to destroy in a flood of waters all the evils that were taking place, including the people that chose to reject Noah’s warnings and remain on the land. After the flood were born the future generations of people from the genetics of the most upstanding living man Noah. Thereby Noah's descendants would have the best genetics that would be passed down from generation to generation to reveal the best possible society in a world where people are able to simultaneously know/do good and evil.

During the dreamed judgment, Michael and Gabriel will reveal telepathically to all angels (perfect humans) how, in every generation of the dreamed world, the leaders would always reject the prophets that Elohiym (Michael and Gabriel) sent to warn them of impending danger. Instead of these leaders obeying the words of warning, they and their people revealed their human nature by choosing to reject, punish, imprison, and often times kill Elohiym’s messengers and the people that followed them. Michael and Gabriel will show telepathically the visions that reveal how these leaders and their people were overthrown and destroyed by foreign nations, as warned by the living messenger. The angels in the garden of paradise will be viewing telepathically the events that happened in the dreamed world during the judgement, as they see the manifested rebellious people and righteous people playing a part in the judgment scene all agreeing on bent knees that Michael and Gabriel were right to allow the overthrow and destruction of Sodom, Israel, Judah and Jerusalem, as warned by Elohiym's prophets.

After the initial thousand years of the dreamed judgment, Michael and Gabriel will for a little season (equal to 100 of our years) recall from their memory, as if recorded in the last scroll/scroll of life, the time when latter day Babylon was reigning three separate times in the last generation of the dreamed world. They will then reveal how the people living in the last generation chose to reject latter day Moses’ message and were slain by the impacted rock's effects, which culminated in an overflowing sea of fire/lava. After the faithful angels and rebellious angels view telepathically Michael's and Gabriel's visions within each of their own minds, they will again see the rebellious people and righteous people around the judgment throne all fall on their knees to declare that Michael and Gabriel are righteous for allowing the deaths of rebellious people that rejected latter day Moses’ message of warning.

In the final part of the dreamed judgment, Michael and Gabriel will reveal telepathically a vision to the righteous and rebellious angels. This vision will show how the people that accepted latter day Moses’ words of warning and escaped the impacted rock's effects, which culminated in a sea of lava, are seen dwelling in a newly dreamed earth. The new Earth will have been created after the old dreamed Earth was destroyed by flowing lava. At that moment in the end of the judgment, the rebellious angels in the garden of paradise of the real world will for the first time realize that they are represented by the rebellious people in the dreamed world that chose to reject latter day Moses’ words of warning and perished by the impacted rock's effects, which culminated in a sea of lava covering the whole world. The faithful angels will then realize that the rebellious angels were represented by the rebellious leaders and rebellious people in the dreamed world who in every generation chose to ridicule, reject, punish, imprison, and most times kill the messengers (in whom was the spirit/mind of Michael and Gabriel), and the converted people with them (in whom was the spirit/mind of a faithful angel).

All the faithful angels realize that they must remain alive in the paradise of the real world, as revealed to them by Michael's and Gabriel's dream of our world. However, the male Lucifer and female Lucifer and the rebellious angels that inherited their thoughts of subtle evil will realize from the dream that they are represented by the rebellious people in the dreamed world that had to perish for the new Earth to happen and remain perfect forever. Therefore, the male Lucifer and female Lucifer and the rebellious angels will of their own accord accept the evidence to play their final part by ending their own life in the real world. All the rebellious angels will accomplish their final part without any feelings. To understand this from our perspective, we must consider the life of ants. Ants have no leader and no one to tell them what to do and how to do it. They do their thing naturally. If the tribes of marching ants reach a three inch wide shallow stream of water, the ants at the front will without feelings, without being ordered, or for money, glory, honor, patriotism, or job lay down their life to form a bridge of dead ants so that the other ants can climb over to the other side and continue living. The living ants don't mourn the dead ants, hold funerals, build monuments of remembrance, or have feelings about the dead ants. Perfect humans in the real world do not have the ability to have bad feelings, like being sad or unhappy. 

The male Lucifer and female Lucifer and their rebellious angels will of their own accord without being told or forced happily kill themselves for the good of the real world (just as Judas Escariot took his own life after realizing what his betrayal had caused). From the time the male Lucifer and female Lucifer no longer live in the real world, the subtle evil thoughts that were being telepathically transmitted to the rebellious angels by the male Lucifer and female Lucifer (since they were the only two perfect people who ate of the fruit of good and evil in the real world) are no longer being telepathically transmitted. There is no way to save the rebellious angels because the same evidence revealed from the dreamed world that causes the male Lucifer and female Lucifer to take their life is the same evidence that the rebellious angels accept to take their life. The subconscious mind of Michael and Gabriel accurately and without deception naturally dreamed a world of what will happen to the real world if good and evil traits simultaneously existed in humans.
In the Old Testament time of the Bible, Elohiym was able to appear and act in their own dream because at that time the subconscious part of Elohiym's mind allowed the conscious part of Elohiym's mind to perform apparitions and magic in the dreamed world. You can understand this by considering your own dream. When you dream a normal dream, your dream is naturally created by your subconscious mind. your dream is normally created according to the knowledge and wisdom your conscious mind acquired from your world while you are awake. When you are dreaming, you are playing a part in your dream but your subconscious mind usually creates the dream that is similar to our world. Just because you are in your own dream doesn't mean you can control it. Sometimes you realize you are dreaming and start doing things that are not normal, like flying for instance, but usually your subconscious mind will awaken you from the dream shortly after you realize you are dreaming or when you start doing things in your dream that your subconscious mind doesn't accept.
Our dreamed world of good and evil is created by Elohiym's subconscious mind. It is dreamed into existence to reveal how a world of good and evil acts to reveal what might happen to the real world if evil ways are allowed to coexist with good ways. Latter day Moses' message will find the people in this dreamed world that are equated with the perfect faithful humans living in the garden of paradise of the real world. All faithful people who live in the latter days of the dreamed world will be saved from the impacted rock's effects (that causes the destruction of our old dreamed Earth), be resurrected, and/or translated to play a dominant part in the judgment scene for 1,100 of our years. Only the righteous people that believed a living prophet in every generation of the old destroyed dream world will have been resurrected and/or translated at the rock's impact to give the final warnings to all nations, to then play a part in the dreamed judgment while also playing their eternal new part in the new heaven and new Earth. At the beginning of the dreamed judgment, Michael and Gabriel will dream a new heaven (atmosphere) and new Earth in which the former things that happened in the old Earth shall not be remembered or come into mind. At the end of the 1,100 years of the judgment period, the male Lucifer and female Lucifer and their rebellious angels will accept the over whelming evidence revealed from the ways of the old dreamed world, which causes them to willingly take their own lives for the good of the real world. Without the male Lucifer and female Lucifer being alive to transmit their subtle thoughts of lust and wickedness, the former things associated with evil will be forgotten. Michael and Gabriel and the remaining angels will quickly forget what happened during the old dreamed Earth and dreamed judgment.
The latter day messenger says "This is why we are here".